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Staff Information

Staff Information

Dr. Neeru D Dave  (Pathology)
Name : Dr. Neeru D Dave
Mobile Number : 9726320444
Email ID : dr.neerudave@gmail.com
Blood Group
Designation : Associate Professor
Department : Pathology
Qualification : MBBS,MD
Joining Date : 17/01/2000
Total Teaching Expereince 23 years
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Publication Details :
1. Clinical & Histo-pathological study of mass in Ear: A study of 50 cases.
2. Study of Coronary Atherosclerosis by Modified American Heart Association Classification of Atherosclerosis – An Autopsy study.
3. Evaluation of peripheral lymphadenopathy by fine needle aspiration cytology: A three year study at tertiary centre.
4. Ovarian Neoplasm: Diagnostic Accuracy of Ultrasound guided Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology with Histo-pathological Correlation
5. Study of CAP pap versus conventional Pap in suspected cervical lesions.
6.Histopathological spectrum of Salivary gland lesions: a 6 year clinopathological study.
7. Histopathology spectrum of suspected malignant vaginal vault lesions: A study of 26 cases at tertiary care center.
8. Utility of scrape cytology in early diagnosis of ore-malignant & malignant oral lesions.
9.Clinical & histopathological correlation of soft tissue tumors: A study of 150 cases.
10. Diagnostic accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology in thyroid lesion & its histo-pathological correlation.
11. Comparative study of bleach method & zeihl nelson staining in lymph node FNAC in suspected tuberculous lesions.
12. Effectiveness of cell block technique in Diagnostic pathology.
13.Cyto-pathological study of thyroid lesions by Fine needle aspiration cytology at tertiary care center in Saurashtra region.
14. Safe exclusion Of pulmonary embolism using D-Dimer assay
15. Efficacy Of cytological examination in comparison with gold standard histopatho
logical examination in various palpable & non palpable lesions.
16. Evaluation of diagnostic & prognostic role of serum tumor marker CA 15.3 in breast malignancy
17. Comparison of Endometrial intraepithelial Neoplasia & WHO classified endometrial hyperplasia in predicting the risk of progression to endometrial carcinoma
18. Assessment of mental health in Indian medical students during the corona virus disease 2019 pandemic
19. Evaluation of role of hematological parameters in patients with COVID 19 infections; a study at tertiary care centre.
 20. Clinical significance of total & free prostate  specific antigen ( P.S.A) & their ratio in diagnosis of various prostatic lesions-- A prospective study at a tertiary care centre.
21. Prevalence of Fungal infection mucormycosis in type II diabetes patients & other immune-compromised states with Histopathological correlation in post COVID 19 infection cases.
22. Post therapeutic changes in various malignancies.
23. Incidence & prevalence of leukemia with sub-typing in tertiary care centre: A retrospective & prospective study.
24. Diagnostic utility of Quantitative D - dimer testing in correlation with CT angiography in ruling out thromboembolism.A prospective study at a tertiary care centre.
Conference Workshop Details :


1. 28th Annual conference of Indian Academy of Cytologists at GOA (19th to 22nd Nov 1998)

(Presented a scientific paper on Cytopathology of lung lesions(BAL, Brush, Sputum & FNAC correlation)

2. 23rd Annual Conference of Pathologists & Microbiologists of Gujarat state at Rajkot. (5th -6th December 1998)

(Presented a scientific paper on Histopathology & cytopathology correlation of breast lesions)

3. IVth International CME & Update in Surgical Pathology, Lady Hardinge Medical College, NewDelhi ( 8th – 10th Feb 1999)

4. West zone conference of I.A.P.M , golden jubilee celebration, VADODARA
( 16th -17th Oct 1999)

5. 25th Annual Conference of Pathologists & Microbiologists of Gujarat state, silver jubilee celebration at MPSGMC, Jamnagar.( 20th -21st Jan 2001)

6. GENETICON-Biotechnology & Genetics Conference at Rajkot (23rd Feb 2003)

7. Seminar in Oncopathology ( G.C.& R.I, Ahmedabad) ( Dec 14th 2003)

8. Sensitization cum training workshop of RNTCP at MPSGMC Jamnagar( 27th to 30th Dec 2004)

9. 29th Annual conference of Pathologists & Microbiologists of Gujarat state at Surendranagar, Gujrat.( 5th -6th Feb 2005)

10. XXXV Annual conference of Indian Academy of Cytologists/ CYTOCON 2005) ( 15th -18th Dec 2005)

11. CME on HIV /AIDS Prevention & Treatment Awareness organized by IMA at Jamnagar ( 18th Nov 2006)

12. Hematology Update organized by IMA, Rajkot (19th Nov 2006)

13. 31st Annual conference of Indian Association of Pathologists & Microbiologists , Gujarat Chapter ( 3rd-4th Feb 2007)

14. CME on hematology at MPSMC, Jamnagar ( 20th March 2007)


15. Regional conference on Thalassemia by Indian Red Cross society at Ahmedabad.(6th -7th Oct 2007)

16. 32nd Annual conference of IAPM, Gujarat chapter, Vadodara ( Feb 2nd-3rd 2008

17. CME on Total quality Assurance by NHL, Ahmedabad ( 6th Dec 2009)

18. CME on Basic techniques to perform IHC assay & Interpretation of Results held at BJMC, Ahmedabad. ( 19th march 2010)

19. Hematology Update at Hemato-oncology clinic( GCRI) (18th-19th Sept 2010)

20. 61st Annual conference of IAPM At MPSMC, Jamnagar ( 13th- 16th Dec 2012)

(Presented a Poster on –Secondary Vaginal vault carcinoma- A rare entity)

21.  CME organized by PDU , Rajkot on 19th April 2014

22.  CME on Pulmonary Pathology in association with GAPM at Jamnagar ( 5th October 2014)


23.  CME on Hemato-pathology update at MPSGMC, Jamnagar( 7th-8th March 2015)


24.  Conference on International Academy of Pathology, Indian Division( IAP-ID)(26th-27th September 2015)


25.  CME on Update in Thyroid at MPSGMC, Jamnagar ( 2nd-3rd September 2017)


26.   41st GAPM conference organized by RAPM Rajkot (16th -17th December 2017)


27.  CME on Bleeds & Clots- Update on Coagulopathies ( 30th June-1st July 2018)

28.  CME organized by BJMC, Ahmedabad  ( GAPM) ( 16th December 2018)


Achievement Details : Associated with NMO GREEN DRIVE. Also in the medical college Tree plantation drive in Ug students hostels. In college in my Pathology department help in various plantations in pots & their maintenance.Trying for ECO- FRIENDLY environment by encouraging people around me & in my neighborhood for proper waste disposal & minimize plastic waste generation.Striving hard for a GREENER & CLEANER INDIA.JAI HIND
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